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I am

Prashant SL

I am a Hubli/Bengaluru-based full-stack web developer with experience primarily on frontend development. I build stuffs for the web which are accessible and user-oriented. I basically convert a design into real web components with great user experience.

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About Me

I am a BCA grad, passed-out from Karnatak University Dharwad, in November, 2021. During the last year of my graduation I was working as a Freelance WordPress Web Developer under my own firm, Yashas Online Promoters.

I have started my web development journey back in October 2021 by joining coding bootcamp at Masai School built numerous small web applications. Learned technical skills here such as ReactJS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MongoDB, ExpressJS.

I initially focused on learning and exploring different JS & CSS frameworks and libraries than to just stick around with only HTML, CSS and Javascript. Then after that I decided to opt ReactJS as main tech as it was perfect and easy to learn than others, so I started to make many projects with this library.

After my course completion I got referred to a product-based e-Commerce company named IBO.com. Presently I am working here as Software Development Engineer - 1, since August 2022. Here I am working primarily on frontend.

Here are some of the technologies I can work on

  • JavaScript
  • ReactJS
  • Tailwind CSS
  • NextJS
  • Redux
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • ExpressJS
  • MongoDB
  • Jest/RTL
  • NodeJS
  • TypeScript
web illustration
👷 Real-world


Below are my work experince. The work experience has given me an immense opportunty to work with other peoples such as my colleagues, product managers & deesigners. Working with other people helped me alot about the development process, from code quality to collaboration, and many other crucial things.

Software Development Engineer - 1 @ IBO.com

Aug, 2022 - Oct, 2023
  • I have successfully, developed, deployed, and tested a pixel-perfect and responsive user interface for the Front-End web app of IBO
  • Have worked with UX designers and Product managers to convert design into UI components
  • Additionally, I have implemented various features such as modifying the cart, obtaining geo-location access for users, and added an Install App pop-up feature, resulting in an increase in the number of app installs and users
  • Furthermore, I have consistently worked on improving and enhancing its features and performance to meet the growing customer base and traffic demands
  • In addition to this, I have developed few of the RESTful APIs using NestJS on the Backend For Front-End (BFF) layer. These APIs are responsible for fetching data from core systems like Magento and Oodo, which are then consumed by the Front-End
🔥 Hand-made


The following projects helped me alot in grasping & mastering a ton of concepts about frontend to backend.

Track Xpense

  • An expense tracker app built using MERN stack
  • User wise-data. Only user particular data is shown
  • Signup & sign in. Authentication using JSON WEB TOKEN - JWT
  • List of all transactions made by user
  • ReactJS/ViteExpressJSMongoDBTailwind CSS
    Track Xpense screenshot

    React eCom Project

  • A complete MERN eCom project that sells various laptops
  • Made responsive, Used React routers for all the routes
  • Fetching products data from backend API
  • Integrated Razorpay demo payment API
  • ReactJS/ViteReduxChakra UIExpressJSMongoDB
    Netflix screenshot

    Ajio Clone

  • An e-commerce website that sells variety of lifestyle products
  • Login & slideshow functionality
  • Grid view of products
  • User authentication using random OTP
  • HTMLCSSJavaScriptExpressJS
    Portfolio version 3 screenshot

    Pataloons Clone

  • An e-commerce website that sells variety of fashion products
  • Navigation bar with a mega-menu & sub-menu
  • Promo code apply feature on the checkout page
  • Search and sort functionalities
  • HTMLCSSJavaScriptDOM
    Portfolio version 3 screenshot
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    Contact me

    I'm actively looking for any new opportunities, in frontend/full-stack web development.
    Feel free to ping me anytime and I would reply back in under 29 minutes(see, faster than Dominos). I would be grateful if you are here to hire me. See you in my inbox ✌️.